Thursday, 2 February 2012

The sewing WIPs

Fabricland has a sale on interfacing and lining. Well.... it's actually most of their fabrics but I'm going to be good and NOT buy more fabric. I need lining and interfacing for a couple projects. I would like to finish a sewing project this month. :p

Anyway, this is what is in or on my fabric box, because not all my fabric fits. Last year I bought a lot of fabric intending to do a lot of sewing at the lake, and then ended up sleeping through most of it beause I was so sick. If I hadn't been sick, I wouldn't still have most of this fabric and would have finished garments to wear with pride and hopefully panache.  ;)

As you will no doubt realize by the end of this list, THIS is a huge part of the problem that led to my New Year's Resolution of finishing one unfinished project each month. Again, if I finish more I'll consider it all gravy. :)

Dark green lace on black satin bustier. I'm half finished, I think. I'm having issues with it putting little air bubbles over my nipples, so I need to take it apart again and try to smooth it out. I think I need to buy grommets because I ended up using the grommets for something else, but I don't have to pick those up right away. I'm only going to work on this one when I feel like giving myself a headache. It's going to take a lot of effort to finish.

Waterdrop peasant shirt. I don't need to buy anything for that. It's cut out. I need to sew the trim on(sadly, by hand), then sew it together. Since I already know the pitfalls assocated with this pattern, it won't go too badly.

Dark blue long "wrap shirt". Fabric cut out. Need lining and interfacing. Had an oops while cutting out fabric, so I need to remember to reverse two pieces when I put it all together.

Red knot shirt. Need to cut it out then sew it together. Since I've already made this three times, I could probably do this with my eyes closed. :p

Sheer skirt with the pretty mermaid tail thing that shows the feet. It and the lining is cut out. Need to borrow a serger because running a scrap through my sewing machine was disastrous. I'm dreading adding the zipper.

Uber strappy black dress. Need to finish cutting out the pattern. Then cut out the fabric. Then sew it together. This is going to be a loooong project. It has like 30 finicky pieces that need to be put together very specifically. This may be a repeat of my first peasant shirt where I took it apart and redid it seven times because things didn't line up properly.

Light blue fabric with black roses. I.... think I wanted to make a skirt. I seem to have a zipper for this fabric. The fabric is opaque enough that I don't think I'll need a lining.

Then I have some stripy floral fabric. I'm not sure what I intended to make with it. I think I intended to make another "wrap shirt" with it, only a shorter version. So I need lining and interfacing.

I also bought a lot extra of the stretchy black fabric for the strappy dress and of the dark blue fabric. I fell in love with it. I shouldn't have bought them in these quantities. :p I'll have to find somethig to do with them. I'm certain the stretchy black stuff would make another gorgeous knot shirt. I love my knot shirts... they are so unbelievably comfy. :)

I have a fairly large leftover from a skirt I made previously, but have no idea what I would use it for. It's a brown and khaki plaid woolish fabric. Maybe I can make... a bag or something. Maybe a shell for my purse!

This isn't exactly high on my list of priorities, but I made a bag out of some faux soft leather fabric. It's really thick, and I broke a heavy duty denim sewing needle trying to put the strap on. I'm going to have to find a solution to that, because I'd love to have the bag finished.

So... even without counting the extra fabric, just for sewing I have 8 or 9 projects awaiting completion. I forsee a lot of sewing in my future!

*sigh* What a lot of work this resolution is going to be.

See you next time!

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