Thursday, 9 February 2012

An update

I've been procrastinating. Finishing up a project in the first week of the month gave me a sense of accomplishment and has made me pass on working on the big projects.

So last night, Boyfriend and I watched some Farscape and I finished sewing rows 3&4 together. I even got a little way into rows 5&6.

And that's when I found out I messed up my layout. The pattern didn't come with a layout, which for a novice knitter like me who tries to follow instructions to the letter, is tantamount to being thrown to the wolves. I wanted a random pattern, but didn't want the same colours touching. I spent a long time with diagrams and markers creating a layout for my blanket that would have not only the leaves not touching a leaf of the same colour on the sides, but on the corners as well. In fact, they had to be two leaves away from a leaf of the same colour. I was possessed! Boyfriend called me crazy. People asked why I didn't just pull them out of a bag randomly if I wanted a random pattern. I was hardpressed to explain why I wanted a random pattern with stipulations. I think I finally explained to someone using the random function for playlists. It's not random either. If it were truly random, you would have the possibility of the same song playing twice or more in a row. Or never hearing a song. But because it takes all the songs and puts them in a random order with no duplications, we're happy. And that's the same for me and my blanket layout.

However, it would be way too much work to try and take it apart enough to fix. So I'm going to have to glare at my blanket everytime I see this mistake. Damn it.

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