Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Feb Wrap Up/Plan for March

Well, this month I finished my fleece blanket, though it is still cluttering around the living room, so I'm going to have to find a place to donate it to.

I made 18 cards with 3 designs.(still need to post one of them)
I made the little hangy things for the earring frame.
I made 3 sets of earrings. (I'll post the last set tomorrow)

All that with stuff I had around the house. Mostly. I think I had to buy new jump rings, but I used stuff I already had for the most part. So I'm really pleased with what I accomplished.

I also made some progress on the Elf blanket. Not done yet, but making prgress. And I put several balls into the other blanket I'm working on. I've been watching yarn sales and it's not coming down to the price I want yet, so I'm going to have to shelve this for a while once I get to the last ball I have. I'll keep chipping away at these and see where I get with them.

Now for the next month...
I would really love to finish up the two projects I have where the fabric is already cut out. I'd be happy if I finished one, but I'd be over the moon if I could finish both of them.

I want to make myself an earring frame.

I want to use up some of my beading stuff a little more.

I would love to make some cards for Easter, and little gift bags for the kids next door. I'm not sure when Easter is this year. Is it in April?

One of my Sparks gave me a little clay Spark that I would love to turn into a magnet. I'm scared to put it in the oven, so I've been air-drying it on the fan of my computer. It's sort of working, but has a ways to go yet. And I found some magnet stuff in my desk while looking for something else, so I am totally ready to do this once it finishes drying, though I am tempted to buy some balsa wood or something and glue it onto the clay. Just to be done with it. Either way, I think I need to get some heavy duty glue for this project. At least it can be used for other things. :p

I'd like to try knitting socks. You know, since I bought myself 12 balls of sock yarn. :p I know it doesn't count as using materials I already have, but hey! It'll be something done. :)

Also, I discovered Amazon sells stacks of 5x5 fabric squares for making quilts. I am NOT buying these and getting another hobby. Uh uh. no way! I'm being good. Really.

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