Sunday, 26 February 2012


I'll be pretty honest, these are pendants I found in the beading clearance at Michaels. I just tossed them onto the earring wires and called them beautiful.

I've learned my lesson about cheap earring wires though. The pack I bought most recently, I don't think they were clipped very well. They have sharp ends on one side of the wire, where they would have been clipped. I'm going to have to file them out.

I was also bad. I bought 12 balls of sock yarn. I've never made a pair of socks in my life, but it was 79 cents a ball, and that's hard to pass up.

Knowing me, I would probably lose the first sock by the time I finished the second, so I'm going to try two at a time knitting on one circular needle. I've told myself that I'm going to donate some of the socks somewhere or other.

Wish me luck!

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