Sunday, 5 February 2012

Knotted blanket

I've been very slowly tidying my room. Very, very slowly. I keep finding things I had completely forgotten about. It's actually kind of awesome sometimes. Yesterday I found a bottle of spiced rum.

But then I find material or yarn and it has to get added to the WIP list. Like the two square pieces of fleece I found. As soon as I opened the bag, I remembered buying this fabric with every intention of donating it to the Children's Hospital. While making it, I decided that I'd rather give it to Osborne House, which is a refuge for battered women and their children. One of their services is helping them get set up in their own home, including providing donated furniture, bedding and toiletries.

Anyway,  I made the blanket in an evening. It's really really simple as long as you don't take the two pieces of fleece apart. Ever. Because then you get really screwed up.

I started by putting the wrong sides of the fleece together and laying them on the floor. I then took masking tape and put it along the sides of the top piece about four inches from the edge.

Then I cut out the corners and cut a fringe along all the sides. I like cutting the pieces about an inch wide.

Then I took the Fringes and tied them together to make the blanket.

Now it's warm and fuzzy and will make some little girl very happy and snuggly. :)

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