Monday, 30 January 2012

Pretty card

Made something quick tonight. Just a card.

I also organised my craft stuff a little better. My boxes are labelled now! Except for paints and clay, I need to gather that stuff up from all corners and condense them. I ran out of steam.

And... I found another ball of yarn. I need to find something to do with all this yarn!!

I determined that my February project will be a knotted fleece blanket. I found two pieces of fleece last week while tidying. I had bought it intending to make it for the Children's Hospital and I would like to finish it in time for Valentine's Day. So that leaves me two weeks to chip away at a big project, most likely the Elf Blanket.

But I also need to decide how to attack the sewing projects. I have nine or ten that I have most of the materials for, but need lining or interfacing and time to work on them.

I need a crafting weekend so that I can spend the two weeks prior cutting fabric so that I can just fire everything through the sewing machine all at once and be done with it. :p

I found a link on Pinterest that will help me use up some beads I've been looking at and thinking "Why did I buy these? What on earth am I going to use them for?" They're just not my style, as I see it. ;)

I must admit, I'm not sure how to count beading and card making because they're much quicker projects. And don't use up as much materials space-wise. Do I count them because I used things that have been collecting dust? Do they really count as "projects" if they take under half an hour?

I guess the best way to look at them is gravy on top of anything else I've accomplished in the month.

So, one blanket, three pairs of earrings, six cards(one design). Not bad. Not bad at all!

Here's the card I made. :)

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