Friday, 20 January 2012

Almost done!

I'm almost done the blanket for my brother. I decided that it's long enough and now time to switch to the brown border. Just three more balls of yarn and some weaving in a lot of ends and I'll be done! :)

Next, I'm teaching myself European Pic because this took way too long. I had previously told Boyfriend that I would make him a blanket next, but he has told me he doesn't want one at this time. However, he suggested I make one for my little furry friend. The dog has been nesting in the blanket when I'm not around and I'm told that it's adorable. This yarn is all warm and soft, so I'm not surprised the dog likes it. The floors have been really cold lately, so I'll make a little blanket to line his bed with. :)

On a more frustrating note, I found a bag of material this morning while putting away laundry. It's two lengths of fleece. As soon as I saw it, I knew what it was intended for. I bought it intending to make a blanket for the Children's Hospital. You know, the fleece blankets where you cut fringes and then tie them together for a double thickness blanket.

So I think I'll make that my February project and keep picking away at the Elf blanket. I've made one of these before, and what took me the longest was cutting the fringes. The tying the two together only took an evening.

See you next time!

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