Friday, 14 September 2012

Mirrored ornaments

So I saw a link in Pinterest....

The instructions say to glue two mini mirrors together with ribbon. These are then hung from your Christmas tree to reflect the light the light strands and makes your tree more sparkly.

Obviously it's September and I haven't put a Christmas tree up. I swear I'm not crazy. But I saw the mirrors and thought of this craft.

I cut short lengths of ribbon. I'm intending to attach jump rings to the ribbon before attaching ornament hooks so that they'll hang properly perpendicular to the branch. But I'm out at the moment. :p

I used Gorilla Glue, and I must admit I didn't realize it had such a long cure time. It's been half an hour and the mirrors still have a lot of play.

I'm excited to try this at Christmas. And even if it doesn't work, it will still look neat on the tree and won't have cost me a great deal.

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