Sunday, 26 August 2012

Long time...

Been a while!

I fell off the wagon with my New Years Resolution. Old job stress, new job stress and the fact that some of my craft projects are pretty big became overwhelming.

I've got the Elf Blanket together. I just need to add in the side half-leaves and weave in all the ends.

But what I've really been slugging away at is a blanket for a wedding gift in early October. I'm nearly done there, so close I can taste it!

I've also been playing with nail art designs I find on Pinterest. This has become a little dangerous because I keep buying nail polish! After I bought three colours very similar to ones I already have, I made myself a little chart to take with me to the store. I'm doing this on my phone, so the picture will be at the bottom of the post.

For now, I'm not allowed to buy more nail polish. Or fabric. Or yarn. Must complete projects first!

I'm going to a craft camp in November, so I will soon start prepping for that. I'll cut out my pattern pieces and pin them together as much as I can. Then once I get to the camp, send them through the sewing machine at break neck speed and have multiple projects completed by the end of the weekend.

If I complete a bunch of projects that way, will it still count as one per month? :p

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