Sunday, 6 November 2011

Snowflake card

This is one of those cards that I love, but worry that it looks anorexic. I have a personal rule that a card should have no more than four design elements incorporated, and that is the absolute maximum. After that, it starts to look obscenely busy, in my opinion.
I usually end up with three, three and a halfish.

I count patterned paper as a design element all on it's own. Solid coloured background paper counts as a half point, as well as any solid coloured papers that I use for matting or accenting. Dimensionals and glitter are another half point each. Ribbon counts as one, as well as any stamping. Just to give you an idea. ;)

So this is already three and a half point card. Four if we count embossing, which some people might.

But I think if I added something like a "Winter Wishes" or something it would take away from it. But it looks like it's missing something. I played around with moving my embossed snowflake around, and I ended up liking it the most right there beside the ribbon.

Opinions from the peanut gallery? :)

See you next time!

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